Peer support meeting
Peer support meeting

VA programs

According to the Conventions’ Guide to Victim Assistance (disseminated in 2008), VA includes six thematic areas:

  • Understanding the challenges faced [data collection].
  • Emergency and continuing medical care.
  • Physical rehabilitation.
  • Psychological support and social reintegration.
  • Economic reintegration.
  • Legislation and public policies.

The Government of Sri Lanka needs to take a lead role in VA. As a long term strategy, necessary resources will be mobilized and effective coordination will be sought between the various stakeholders to achieve two key goals:

Ensure mine victims have access to quality and sustainable services related to medical, social and economic rehabilitation. To this effect new services will be set up where they are not available and existing services will be made to meet quality standards and become sustainable through their progressive integration within the governmental structures and/or the local communities;

Empower mine victims to advocate for their rights. To this effect mine victims will be mobilized and their capacity will be built by fostering partnership with the disability actors. Seven key sub-objectives as outlined by the State Parties to the Ottawa Treaty should be pursued:

  • Define the scale of the VA challenge, identify needs, monitor the responses to needs and evaluate the responses.
  • Reduce deaths by stabilising medical conditions and minimising physical impairments in emergency settings that could result from injury.
  • Provide access to treatment to minimise physical impairment resulting from injury.
  • Restore maximum physical functional ability for landmine survivors, including the provision of appropriate assistive devices.
  • Assist landmine survivors, including children, to resume their role in the community by helping them to cope with psychosocial adjustment issues and assisting them to regain and maintain a healthy and positive outlook on life.
  • Assist landmine survivors to either return to their pre-injury occupation, or prepare for and find suitable employment.
  • Establish, implement, and enforce laws and public policies that guarantee the rights of landmines survivors [including family members of the deceased] and other persons with disabilities.