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UNDP Support

The UNDP Support to Mine Action Project in Sri Lanka was designed to strengthen national capacities to manage, implement and coordinate mine action activities in support of the National Mine Action Programme. The specific aim of the Project is to provide mine action coordination support and technical management capacity to the National Mine Action Programme, Government Agents and local Mine Action Focal Points in the mine-affected districts, to achieve the goal of creating a mine free environment in support of resettlement and development in Sri Lanka.

The Project has two main components:

  • Support capacity development of the NMAC: The focus is upon developing a sustainable national mine action structure and capacities to enable the Government of Sri Lanka to assume full ownership over the enforcement and monitoring of mine-action policies and activities towards a mine-free Sri Lanka.
  • Support to field Operations in support of the resettlement and recovery of conflict-affected communities: This consists of coordination and management of mine action, through support to task prioritization, information management, impact analysis, advocacy, and quality management and control of mine/Explosive Remnants of War (ERW) clearance, and Mine Risk education (MRE).

The Project is directly implemented by the UNDP, through a Project Management Unit (PMU) based in Colombo, and staff placed at the NMAC’s Regional Mine Action Offices (RMAOs) and its sub offices.