Wall painting by students of Nappadavattai vipulananda vidyalaya
MRE partners

MRE partners

MRE activities were also considerably expanded after the war commencing with formal MRE in the welfare centres. Currently, there is the Ministry of Education, the SLA/Humanitarian Demining Unit (HDU), five national NGOs, namely Community Trust Fund (CTF), EHED-Caritas, Rural Development Foundation (RDF), Sarvodaya and Social Organisation for Development (SOND) and one international NGO, Internews, that are conducting MRE activities in Sri Lanka in support of the MA programme.

Community Liaison (CL) activities are carried out by some of the demining operators in their areas of operations in support of their demining activities. Landmine/ERW safety briefings are carried out by UNICEF, the MRE operators, UN Department of Safety and Security (UNDSS) and by the demining operators.