Delvon Assistance for Social Harmony (DASH) is a Sri Lankan non-profit demining NGO, with its manpower exclusively comprised of Sri Lankans, all specialised and experienced in the field of Humanitarian Demining that includes 3 senior staff with more than 4 years of demining experience abroad.

DASH started its operations in January 2010 and today has close to 200 staff (6 full teams each comprising of 27 people and technical advisors, support and administrative staff) presently funded by the Governments of Australia (AusAID) and Japan (GGP), and operating in Kilinochchi and Mullaittivu districts.

DASH’s main objective is mine and UXO clearance to ensure the safety of the returnees and people living in mine-affected areas as well as the economic recovery of the conflict-affected areas. In addition, DASH through its work, supports the reconciliation and rehabilitation effort of the Government by:

  1. Employing returnees from the areas of our operation in support of the recovery of local economy.
  2. Employing female deminers with emphasis given to widows and other female-headed households.
  3. Employing ex- LTTE cadres, who have completed the Government’s rehabilitation programme, facilitating their re-integration into society.
  4. Being a local Mine Action organization, capacity development in order to ensure the national programme is gradually taken over by a national mine action organizations so that this programme won’t be affected when the international mine action organizations have reduced and eventually ceased their operations in Sri Lanka. Equipment acquired by DASH will also remain in the country.
  5. DASH is comprised of about 90% Tamils and 10% Sinhalese and Muslims. Mine clearance is a dangerous and tedious task which demands the trust and confidence placed on each other among demining staff, thereby fostering reconciliation, trust and affection among the communities.

DASH carryouts manual demining using metal detectors (83 metal detectors are available to us at present) as well as the locally developed raking method. We have planned to further expand our operation by purchasing and deploying more mine detectors and establishment of 02 full additional teams.