Mine Risk Education (MRE)

The major goals of the MRE are to minimize deaths and injuries from landmines and explosive remnants of war and to reduce the social and economic impact from the landmines and ERW based on education of mine smart behaviour. Sri Lanka is implementing a low cost MRE approach and it comprise with the four complimentary approaches of School based MRE; Community based MRE, Community liaison and Media Based MRE.

The number of mine/ERW incidents with victims varies over the last three years; with 29 reported in 2009, 47 in 2010 and 23 in 2011. However, there is a drastic increase in the number of casualties reported from January to September2012 with 33 casualties from 19 incidents, representing a 78 per cent increase in causality rates compared to the first seven months of 2011. But still total number of reported incidents is comparatively low; taking into account that exposure to the threat has dramatically increased with people resettling into areas affected by mines/ERW after October 2009. The movement of people may increase due to livelihood needs which could lead to increasing numbers of incidents.