Introduction 2014

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In year 2014 onwards Sri Lankan’s own Mine Action programme will be formulated under Sri Lanka Army. The Information Management for Mine Action (IMSMA) is one of the major components in the Mine Action Programme and it plays vital role as a decision support tool with providing appropriate and effective data capturing, retrieving, manipulating, analysing and reporting of mine Action data with their spatial characteristics.

Therefore it has been decided to have a training series on IMSMA for SL Army during the period from June to October 2013. The training will be conducted by the National Mine Action Centre (NMAC) with the joined hand with Regional Mine Action Offices (RMAOs) Information Management (IM) staff.

The training has been designed from the basic level (user level) to advance level of the IMSMA based on the Management Information Qualification System (MIQ) that has been developed by the Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining (GICHD).

12 trainees have been selected based on criteria in order to make success of the training programme. At the initial step 3 programmes have been successfully completed as per the training scheduled. First two programmes were held at the Boo Oya Army camp from 28 to 30 May 2013 and 6 to 7 days in July respectively and 3rd programme was held in Colombo from 12 to 14 June 2013.

Main Goal

  • To develop an IMSMA team in the Sri Lanka Army and enhance their Information Management Capacity on Mine Action.

Training Objectives

  • To lead the Information Management programme on IMSMA
  • To develop the knowledge of the customization of the IMSMA
  • To develop definitions of an information architecture including SOPs and NMAS for information management
  • To keep the data quality
  • To ensure report preparation and advance map generating using IMSMA and using other supported software


Target Group/Participants

According to the request made by NMAC, 12 Army personnel of the Sri Lanka Army Humanitarian Demining Unit (HDU) were assigned by the Sri Lanka Army to get training on IMSMA. During the programme, trainees could be able to improve their knowledge on IMSMA and gained how to utilize the IMSMA system in Mine Action programme in future.


The training programme would be able to provide User Level 1 to 3 training and Admin Level 1 for all the Army personnel those who have been participated at the workshop. At the end of the programme they would be able to enhance their Information Management knowledge on Mine Action.

All the participants of the Sri Lanka Army were divided into two groups as the User Level and the Admin Level based on their capabilities shown in the programme. Accordingly 4 Army personnel have been selected for Admin level and they will be responsible for handle the system as an administrator and 5 personnel will be responsible for only cover-up the data entry process at the regional level. Other 3 Officers who will be responsible for monitor these two groups under their control. See the hierarchical structure.